We have compiled a few videos you and your employees can view and share to learn more about cyber-attacks.

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How to Create a Strong Password

At this point, you may be wondering, why do I even need a strong password anyway? 

The truth is that even though most websites are secure, there's always a small chance someone may try to access or steal your information. This is commonly known as hacking. A strong password is one of the best ways to defend your accounts and private information from hackers.

Basic Cyber Attacks

Is your organization protected from even the most basic cyber-attacks? According to CompTIA’s research report, Cybersecurity for Digital Operations, only 35% of IT staff rated their current cybersecurity as completely satisfactory. Staying on top of risk means continually assessing threats – even the most basic ones.



Everyone hates resetting their passwords, but it’s essential to change passwords frequently on key systems. Learn password best practices – and mistakes to avoid – with these tips from David Landsberger, Telecom Brokerage Inc. director of training and events.

Tips for Identifying Fake Websites and Phishing Emails

The ability to identify fake websites and detect phishing emails gives end users the power to be vigilant against cybersecurity threats.


Security Awareness Training for Employees: An Overview

Learn best practices to ensure company-wide security with CompTIA's security awareness videos. We provide tips and tricks for how to create strong passwords, how to identify fake websites, how to identify phishing emails and more.

How to Create an Incident Response Plan

Having an incident response plan and war gaming with employees ensures everyone knows how to respond to a cyber-security breach. Learn how to create an incident response plan and put it into practice.


Tips for Cybersecurity with Network Segmentation

There is no security substitute for network segmentation. Locked doors behind locked doors discourage lazy threat actors and force them to look elsewhere.

Cyber Security In 7 Minutes

What Is Cyber Security: How It Works?

This short animated video on Cyber Security will explain what is Cyber Security, why Cyber Security, how Cyber Security works, who is a Cyber Security expert, what are different types of Cyberattacks with examples. You will get to know the types of hackers and the motives behind their attacks and understand how an organization works to secure their data from hackers.

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