What is Experience Cloud

Experience Cloud is your business in the Cloud. The sysem offers an easy way to access Experience Business Applications and/or your full office setup (servers) from Any Device, Anywhere in the world, and Anytime you need it!

Experience Cloud enables easy access to your IT systems from:

  • Any Device & Platform (PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, Windows, Android, Apple etc.)
  • AnyTime (Our cloud servers are always on)
  • Anywhere (Office, Home, Outdoors, Overseas etc.)

We offer 2 solutions that can be used independently or together - Experience Cloud App and Experience Cloud Server.

  • Experience Cloud App is Experience Business Applications hosted on our Cloud, and 
  • Experience Cloud Server is your complete server setup in the Cloud.

Click here to understand the difference between the 2 packages.

Why move to Experience Cloud?

Moving to Experience Cloud enables better user and system mobility, cost savings, and full peace of mind.
When you move to Experience Cloud we will manage and monitor all your IT needs. In a nutshell, our package offers all the items listed below. You won't need to purchase anymore expensive hardware and servers, server licenses, hardware replacements and upgrades, IT support agreement costs, software license upgrades, worry about backups and security, and more.

We offer you an end to end IT solution that is easy to use and affordable on your budgets!


Access to your systems from Any Device, Anywhere and Anytime.

Systems are optimised for best user performance.

Cost Savings

No Initial fees to purchase servers, hardware, software and licenses.

Full Server Licenses included.

Server Hardware Upgrades and Replacements included.

Save time and money on your IT budget. We will handle all your IT needs.

Very Affordable - Prices start from €25.00 per user per month

Backups & Security

Full Daily Backups and periodic replication (during the day) to geo-redundant servers

Servers are located in EU Countries.

Servers are certified with PCI Dss and ISO.

We manage and monitor daily offering you peace of mind.

We guarantee a 99.9% uptime.

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