What is Experience Cloud


Experience Cloud is your business in the Cloud. 

Our system provides an easy way to access your Company Files and Experience Business Applications from Anywhere, Anytime, using Any Device. 

No need to spend an arm and a leg to invest in new hardware or complex systems or purchase expensive licenses, as we will provide this out of the box! Simply pay a monthly fee per user, and get your business online in a matter of days!


Experience Cloud enables you and your employees to access your IT systems easily, both from your office or remotely. We will ensure you can work from Anywhere, Anytime and from Any Device.

  • Anywhere - work easily from the office, at home, in your car, at your clients. All you need is a basic internet connection.
  • Any Device - Our system supports any device, be it a PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, Windows, Android, Apple etc.)
  • Any Time - Our cloud platform is running 24/7. Easily connect to our cloud servers from your device anytime during the day or night.


Our monthly price includes the following services, so you don't have to worry about your IT setup.

  • Backups - we will backup your data daily and have secure copies in various EU data centers.
  • Security - Connecting to our cloud servers is always secure using SSL certificates. All data and traffic is fully encrypted.
  • Geo-Redundant Replication - our cloud servers are monitored and replicated several times during the day across geographically dispersed servers across the EU.
  • Hardware Maintenance and Upgrades - Never buy another server or worry about hardware malfunctions. We include this in our monthly subscription.
  • Licenses Included - All Microsoft Server licenses are included, thus saving you money up front and to upgrade.
  • Unlimited Support - We offer unlimited support for your Cloud Servers and any device that connects to your Cloud Server.


Moving to Experience Cloud enables better user and system mobility, cost savings, and full peace of mind.

When you move to Experience Cloud we will manage and monitor all your IT needs. In a nutshell, our package offers all the items listed below. You won't need to purchase anymore expensive hardware and servers, server licenses, hardware replacements and upgrades, IT support agreement costs, software license upgrades, worry about backups and security, and more.

We offer you an end to end IT solution that is easy to use and affordable on your budgets.



Access to your systems from Any Device, Anywhere and Anytime.

Systems are optimized for best user performance.

Pay a  monthly fee and increase or decrease your subscription as you go along.

Cost Savings

No Initial fees to purchase servers, hardware, software and licenses.

Server Licenses, Server Hardware Upgrades and Replacements included.

Save time and money on your IT budget. We will handle all your IT needs.

Backups & Security

Full Daily Backups and Geo-Redundant replication daily.

Servers ISO certifications include PCI Dss and ISO. 

All data is encrypted and secure.

We guarantee a 99.9% up-time.

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