Requesting Support

All support requests must be sent by sending an email Thus it is important to write an effective message.

Kindly note that EMAX Solutions will not provide support without a ticket as this is now required by ISO27001 accreditation.

Other channels (WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS etc) are NOT SUPPORTEDSupport requests with ‘Call me’ or ‘Need help’ etc will not be accepted anymore.

Follow these steps to ask for help using email:

Use a clear, direct subject line

Use the subject line to clearly express what your email is concerning, especially if you don't know the recipient well. The subject line can act as an introduction to your email. The person you are asking for help may be more interested in the body of your email when they are interested in or curious about the subject.

Put the question in the first or second sentence

Ask your question early in the email so that the recipient can find it easily. Many people skim their emails, so placing the question or request early in the email helps ensure that they will see it. Positioning the question at the top of the email also helps them determine whether they can help without spending too much time sorting through information.

Make your email easy to read

Many people check their emails between tasks, so you want to make your email easy to skim. If you have a lot of information to include, you can use bullet points and bolded text to help your reader easily recognize the most important points.

Close the email politely and thoughtfully

When you close your email, you should thank the recipient for their time and assistance. They may be more inclined to respond if it's clear that you respect their other obligations and expertise. Thoughtful closing sentences can also build goodwill and friendship.

Check your email before you send

Editing your email before you send it can help you determine if you are using the correct tone and if you made any grammatical mistakes. You may also find that you should adjust the amount of detail you provide.

Online Portal

Once we receive your email, a ticket will be created. You will receive a reply via an automated system with a ticket number. It might take 1-2 working days for our agents to reply to your request. When a ticket is resolved, a support agent will send an email confirming the actions taken to reolve the ticket.

All tickets can be viewed on our Support Online Portal

As a customer you need to request access (via email) to allow us to activate your online account. Let us know if you wish to view only your tickets, or all your company’s tickets.

Phone Calls

Phone calls can be made on +356 20 333 213 for Business Critical Issues only (ie when systems are down). A ticket must be raised before making a phone call. Tickets can be raised by sending an email or using the contact form below.
Note that our personal numbers (mobiles) are not available for support. 

Support Contact Form